2017 calender will be made with OPEANUT members photo



All members,


It’s almost the end of Oct…  Isn’t it good time to startup preparation for 2017?


In the Gallery of Opeanut, many photos posted during this year by members.

I appreciate all who shared their works and come up with plan to make ‘2017 Calender’ with them.

I believe it will be excellent gift & preparation for coming year.




Here is a sample from Yang, Hanmo at KIPA





Short description

1) 2017 Calender, desktop type

2) 13 Photo will be selected

3) I will do selection for myself in this year.

    And I will post the plan well in advance in next year to make members do the projects

    for their own taste

4) Price & gift — Will give 2 set of calender as gift to whom selected photo

    If more order you want to place, count 10K won (about 8 USD) per extra unit.

5) In this year, I will do Korean version only since most of gallery photo contributed by Korean.

    English & Chinese version to be discussed with you in next year   : -)





Making a calender with your own photo (all 13 shots) or with small group members is fun & rewarding.

And it is a long lasting memory, perfect gift for you and people around you.








I will keep you updated. 












Photo selection :

I put together photos mainly in ‘landscape & macro’ as below.

In gallery, many other photos belong to themes like portrait, performance or travel…et.

I initially mix 4 themes but it makes overall ‘confusing and disoriented’ display, so limit it in 2 themes only.


1) I hope to add 2 more photo from members & under communication. I fill the gap with mine but will be replaced later

2) Some photo are too small size. Because high quality print requires about 200 dpi, request 2400 pixel or above.










I think we can do more fun project in 2018 if prepared in advance

There are themes not so popular but attractive for mania, for examples



Classic camera and lens calender (with brief description)






Travel photo (with short story)






Portrait calender with various poses…. I think it is more desireable with ‘pose instruction’