2017 Taipei Lantern Festival

In Korea, I feel the New Year is the middle of winter but here in Taiwan, New Year is the beginning of spring.

So the name of Lunar New Year is ‘Spring season’ in here. For me, it is subtle but quite noticable difference  : -)

Every year, when the first full moon come, lantern festival is held in Taipei city.

This year, the place of the festival moved to Ximen (west gate) in the center of Taipei. Until last year, it was a spacious

Yuanshan park where still crowded with people during festival period. If it is downtown Taipei in this time,

it is going to be awful jam pack I bet. So why not go to the event on the first day?


Meeting at North Gate MRT station.

The festival place is one stop ahead, West Gate, but we decided to walk from here.


As soon as we came out of MRT station, found already not easy to stay in group or not lost way.

People walk toward one direction like wave… it is going to be tough night-out-going rather than photo-shoot.

Here is the enterance of Ximending


The opposite side of Ximending is where the lantern exhibition venue located, and no difference in the surf of people….

   * Wait a minute, isn’t it the year of rooster? Why tiger is here watching people on the way, huh?

     Does city government recycle the tiger? Or do they think only chicken not attract people enough?

    Of course, we know the 2 top for the Lantern Festival is the TIGER and DRAGON…but no worry, so many are here  : -)


No matter how much good words given for new year’s luck, MONEY is the matter at the end.


Highlights of the Rooster Year, ‘Big Chicken’


Are you a chicken too?


It is just the first day.

If anyone come to here at peak day (full moon, next Sat), have to be prepared well.

You come to see the Chicken but will find only people, a lot of people….


Since we can not keep formation any longer (lost Sandy Chen already before come to the venue), decide carry on as we go.

“Just follow the stream, stop wherever you want and return home well if we don’t meet later (surely we can’t)..”


Calista is asking “how to take a portrait in the night and good background together?”

She shows photo, people in sillouet with somewhat washed out lantern lightings…


  “When you shoot the portait with lantern light behind, can not avoid DARK face as this example”

   It is simply because exposure meter designed working as so.  “If you raise exposure to brighten face,

   lantern will be washed out. So reduce exposure -1 stop to render lanterns at the background nicely’


   “Then find the angle, a lantern outside the frame plays lighting for face  (here you can see at the right edge slightly)

   ” It’s a trick to find the right position and angle to illuminate face without showing facial lighting in the frame”


Behind the sceen of the festival.

People find the backside of the lanterns for rest after hitting and bumping for a while.


Night fever, almost….


Here it is, welcome the New Year!


Happy new year, every one


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