2nd OPEANUT Taipei Model / Portrait session : free for Opeanuts



We organize Model / Portrait session as promotion of photo-community ‘OPEANUT Taiwan’.

This is free session to enjoy our hobby & build up face to face relationship with photographers in Taiwan,

no matter Taiwanese or Foreigner as long as you are community members.


‘Opeanut.com’ is the group of photographers-travellers-writers to post works on line and publish books off line.

Feel free to join the community and participate projects.


Free condition of Model / Portrait session is participients need to join the community (base point is 70) and reach to

over 90 points (posting 3, comment 2, login 1 point)


Date : 27, Feb 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Place: Flower Expo, Taipei (gather #1 exit of Yuanshan MRT)

Invitation: 6-8 Opeanuts (max 8 excluding 3 crews)


Here is Opeanut Taiwan (Chinese)


Opeanut in English


Opeanut in Korean




Model: 陳怡君  Emily Chen