4 unit of Mitakon 50mm f0.95 lens arrived finally


Mitakon attached to Sony A7m2








Box opening is always exciting for mania…

I found a big & heavy box waiting for me when arrived at home, and immediately delighted.

This is the set from heavily suffered from US custom to clear, and finally arrived 4 unit to me as first batch.


Lens box is well made, even though is vynil, hard to find this kind of box supplied from makers in these days.







Number is the serial. It would be better if 10 units arrived at the same time…

Anyway I pick up Nr. 2610 and decided open it. The lens is for my own use.






The box protect the lens along the way from China…






Heavy and large lens show up









Shot reversed but can read ‘SPEEDMASTER 0.95 / 50MM’.

This is Speedmaster Mark II version. Mark I has 58mm front filter size and newer Mark II has 67mm.







Aperture blade. I am not sure what the material is… it is not metal blade as old optics.

It moves silky smooth. Impressive!








I will upload other 3 lenses to ‘world market’…

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