A girl who customize and make camera – Dora Goodman


Below link is the Instargram of Dora Goodman

Photography world, especially camera equipment area, rarely seen women.

Moreover, someone who modify camera for her own is never heard.

But finally here is one…









I glanced this photo during internet surfing & instantly eyecatched. Not for her face.

It is one strange box looking like a camera..











Yes, as camera-mania, I can recognize most of camera through profile.

This is first time I’ve ever seen. DIY medium format camera










Dora’s work place.

Can see the mockup before assembled, wooden square box as camera body.

At left-bottom, there is 6X6 film back (old style Hasselblad C12 back) and wide angle lens for Mamiya Universial.


























This is the camera.

The same concept with Hasselblad SWC, being wide angle lens camera it uses only distance scale focusing,

frame view finder, wind film & manual shutter cocking (Mamiya Universial lens has shutter cocking lever)









Next project drawing…





What a girl !!!





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