A7m2 Portrait preset (#1) download


How to use:


1) Import to LightRoom

    > Download preset and store a folder

    > Go to Lightroom > Develop > User preset

    > Move mouse to any preset in there and click right button –> Import menu pop out

       (* The import menu in here is different from ‘File > Import’ which is located in main menu)

    > Select the folder preset saved

    > Upload


2) Once the preset applied, need to do fine-adjust basic stuffs, exposure, contrast, clarity etc..





BW Portraits : I keep contrast, curve, & other adjustment in mild so suitable for Portraits.





BW Landscape (midium): Boost up contrast and adjust like ‘orange filter effect’ in BW film.




BW Landscape (strong): Boost up contrast, clarity and adjust like ‘red filter effect’ in BW film.






Color Presets: replace ‘adobe color’ to ‘camera profile’ then made adjustment


Portrait: maintain soft and mild color and add clarity to increase accutance




Landscape: Enhance color saturation but limit not to overflow, and attention dark area not to be too dark.







DSC01756-Edit 1200.jpg



* If you try and find any inconvenience, improvement point, or request, please leave message in here.

  It will help to improve presets in next version a lot. Thanks.

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