A7m2 > with Leica M adapter, Summicron DR, Summaron & Jupitar-3 lens




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Quite bothering matter of range finder lens is its closest distance of focusing is not so close, mostly 1m in case of standard lenses. Some newer

lenses focus down to 70cm as closest but still not comparable with from 45cm of DSLR standard lenses.

When you encountered situation that focus ring refuses turning further at the cafe, while focusing to fiancé seated at the other side, the frustration

is real and unforgivable….


I am not sure the real reason behind in Sony, but they specified their mirrorless lens flange in extremely short distance, so it resulted plenty of space

left in between Leica RF lens and Sony A7 bodies. Helicoid adapter is born in here.




Helicoid extracted (left) and retracted (right). With this amount of extension, close focus improved significantly especially for wide angle side.


38PF9423 copy-tile.jpg


I bought chrome adapter since I have all kind of chrome lenses, to match their style.




Summaron 3.5cm f3.5 (A36), it is not so flat like pancake but small enough to be cute companion.






Sony A7m2 is not big boy, Summaron is even smaller, still showing metallic chrome barrel with precision engineering feels.


38PF9396 copy.jpg


Comparison of close focus distance





Summicron DR 5cm f2.0: Among Leica M 50mm standard lens group, Summicron rigid and DR are big guys.


38PF9407 copy.jpg




Summicorn DR has dual cam which makes the lens down to 45cm. This is only example from Leica RF lens to focus down as close as

SLR lens. On top of it, with helicoid adapter, even focus closer almost like macro-ish lens.


38PF9415 copy.jpg



Comparison of close focus distance








Jupitar-3 50mm f1.5,
This is Russian copy of famous Carl Zeiss Jena, Sonnar 5cm f1.5 lens.
Even though its performance varies more than original German Sonnar, still high chance to get good performing lens with a friction of the price.



38PF9388 copy.jpg


** Alert in Ebay **************************************
Carl Zeiss Jena, Sonnar 5cm f1.5 originally produced for Contax RF. It was only lens before WW2 delivered high performance

(crisp resolution and high contrast) when lens coating was not existed. Then in the fierce war period, German government ordered

2,000 something number of Sonnar f1.5 for Leica screw mount. (This is also famous in general Rommel’s camera, Leica IIIc + Sonnar f1.5)


But what you see in Ebay nowadays as ‘Leica screw mount Sonnar 5cm f1.5’ is almost always ‘fake’, so be warned.

That production in WW2 made in poor material quality due to war effort, thus not survived well, and survived items gone to collectors closet

long before Ebay born. What you see in Ebay is modified (faked) with this lens, Jupitar-3 in here.


How to identify fake ‘Leica-Sonnar’ lens


Sonnar design inherently has short ‘back focal length (distance from the end of lens glass to film plane), so Sonnar is not used as

standard lens for SLR / DSLR cameras. If focal length is about 85mm or longer, it has enough clearance for mirror box of SLR / DSLR,

which is the reason why you can find Sonnar only in telephoto for Hasselblad.


Size comparison Summicron DR vs Jupitar-3 (Sonnar)





38PF9392 copy.jpg

Jupitar-3 (Sonnar) shows balanced shape when attached to A7m2 while Summicron Rigid & DR looks like short telephoto lens.
Jupitar-3 has closed focal distance in 1m as the most of other standard RF lenses but with helicoid adapter, it focuses to closer distance comfortably. 

No more hassle in confined indoor, like café to shoot your fiancé.

Comparison of close focus distance



















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