Amsterdam, snaps to find the place.

This time I set the plan to shoot from golden hour when street light turning on, until the blue light is still on the sky about 30-40 minutes after sunset… yeap, that’s the reason I convince myself to buy another tripod, as the name of ‘portable one’. But yesterday, I wrap it up as soon as sunset started. It was minus 2 – 3 degree which is freezing cold for a man living in Taipei where I complaint to be cold when temperature goes below 15 degree… haha

Anyway, first thing first. Need to get a little familiar with canal area, right? I drive and wandered around Amsterdam Centrum and canals, and suddenly found an empty spot next to the canal. However, it is narrow and much crowded area, so not expect this luck every time. I’d rather park at the central station next time, and take a walk or rent a bicycle.

The alley in this canal area looks all the same, so I took shot a map of navigator where the car was … Even so, it took more than 30 minutes to find my car. The location is Keizer’s Gracht (King’s canal), but there is no address number … Woops

If plan to shoot at Golden hour to blue hour, I can not get around here and there. Have to select the shooting location in advance, wait and take a shot. I will go one more time, either next week or a week after to this area….

In here, I upload some sample pictures, as tourist mode      : -)









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