Beginner’s Photo-pack & Photowalk


How to find #1 : gather Starbucks at 3PM, nearby Exit #2 of Hyehwa subway station

How to find #2 : go directly to AZIT gallery (map & GPS posted below). If you want to go directly, please message me first to avoid waiting at Starbucks.


Beginner’s photo-pack: lecture in English, 2 hours with coffee at AZIT gallery

1) Where to start as a beginner?
2) What put into bag? Iphone to digital back, pros and cons, strength and limitation…
3) Lens: why so many lenses around? What changes in photo with different lens?
4) General purpose or special lenses
5) Short intro : post-processing to finalize photography (Lignhtroom & Photoshop) * give free copy of raw file & LR presets

Photowalk : 1 hour (Iwha mural village)

This ‘lecture + photowalk’ designed for beginners and build networking with similar minds, a fun part of photography

Fee : 15,000 won (12 USD) : This fee will be used for 2 hours in AZIT gallery lecture room, your coffee, and a beer (after the meetup)


3 raw files for your practice

// AZIT Gallery / google map // 37.577191, 127.007244

AZIT gallery, rough direction & location

Address : 서울시 종로구 율곡로 19길 41ㅡ12 우루루카페 / 갤러리아지트

Ururu cafe / AZIT gallery

#41-12, Youlgok 19 gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

Google map GPS coordination

Azit gallery is located 5-6m away from this photo spot (angel wings), you’ll see line of tourist waiting photo shot in this position.


// Facebook group is identified with the same name :

English group : Photographer, Traveler and Writers community OPEANUT :

페북 한국모임 : 사진, 여행, 글쓰는 이들의 커뮤니티 오피넛 :


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