Beginner’s photopack & Ihwa Village photowalk

Beginner’s photopack: lecture in English, 2 hours, Coffee (at AZIT gallery)

1) Why photography & Where to start as a beginner?
2) What equipment? iphone to digital back, pros and cons, strength and limitation…
3) Lenses: why exchange them? what changes in photo with different lens?
4) General purpose or special lenses for the subjects
5) Short intro : post-processing to finalize photography (Lignhtroom & Photoshop) * give free copy of raw file & LR presets

Photowalk : 1 hour (Iwha mural village)

around sunset / blue hour, stroll Iwha villiage and university road to take photo (goldern hour and blue hour). This ‘lecture + photowalk’ designed for beginners and networking which is a fun part of photography

Fee : 15,000 won (12 USD)
This fee will be used for 2 hours in AZIT gallery lecture room, your coffee, and a beer (after the meetup)


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