[Better late than never] Iwha village portrait meetup #2

Naksan park

Passing through the alleyway, we went up to Naksan Park. The autumn foliage began to dry slightly but still colorful. In fact, it’s like 2 completely different places, alleyways is one and the park with maple leaves is the other. In here, I lost track and be late to join the group shooting, so have not many things to say.

Forefinger & Zhanna


Carl Zeiss 85mm f1.4 HFT Planar

[Carl Zeiss] Planar 85mm f1.4, legenary portrait lens

Masterpiece of those days…built in 1973.

Even though it is multi-coated lens, not comparable with modern lenses. It shows obvious veiling flare in the shot, but some likes this kind of imperfection & I am the one of them. It is ‘Classic lens’ rendition which is different from razor sharp modern lenses.

Challenging in 70’s technology to make high performance 85/1.4 and may not sharp as modern Aspherical lenses, but Planar performs well with its own character, decent sharpness, roundness and slight veiling flare.


There are shops to borrow & wear old school uniform to take a pictures walking around the village. It’s fun event to try the uniforms of 60-70s in the alleyways in the same days. Isn’t it a private Cosplay?


The highlight of portrait is backlighting.

I most of time uses 35mm f1.4 and 50mm f0.95 (or 55mm f1.2) for model or portrait session, but in here I brought 85mm f1.4 HFT Planar with Sony A7 II and the 50mm f0.95 Canon lens on Leica M9. Well… both are vulnerable to back-lighting due to their large aperture and inferior coating technology. I personally like back-lighted portraits but situation is more challenging than Naksan park (also more fun & rewarding) because sun slanted enough to make direct hit to lens glass. Be prepared many shot will be ruined hopelessly…


My favorite shot in BW

Modern lens does not produce much flare as old one, so it makes sharper and more colorful images. Old lenses on the other hand, muted and softer images and sometimes produce wild in flare destroying shots entirely. It is hard to set formula what works or not, because back-light flare is dependent on many other factors like, location, time, light direction & size…etc. It is good practice to try slightly different positions when backlight shooting situation. Flare and glare can be dramatically different with just a slight angle changes.

Flare, stronger when sun goes down, light hit the lens directly

An hour earlier at Naksan park, still destroying flares

Long, sloping shadow in late afternoon makes fantastic shooting environment. Wish I have another shoot-out in here.


AZIT gallery


We stop by AZIT gallery and met Prof. Yang Han-mo who is the professor of architecture, a photographer and publisher of various books. After shooting for about two hours, relax with coffee and talk is nice touch on the schedule. Thanks to Prof, Yang’s hospitality.



Started again after a short break, it became a little chilly already.

There was a mural on this stair covering entire steps from bottom to top, which was on icon of Iwha village. Sadly gone long ago…



I do not know whether the name of Iwha Village is due to ‘Ihwa-jang’ (old presidential house) in there or ‘Ihwa-jang’ is named after Ewha Village. Anyway we continue walk down to the place, getting darker, and decided to call the day.

The University road is transformed different place at night, vivid and colorful street with drink, music and food. There are ample opportunities of night shots too but we spent hours for shooting so eating is more than anything else.



The end


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