Bookplan, project summary

 thanks to Serge Ramelli photo credit

Goal :

  • Publish photobook to elaborate photographers activity from hobby to semi / full time professional photographers
  • Trigger interaction among community members to achieve 10,000 members as 1st phase

Key point :

  • Book publish in 3 languages at the same time to enlarge potential viewers and promote OPEANUT’s global scope projects
  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Timeline :

  • Draft out project plan & announcement (Mar)
  • Select 5-6 members who can join the project (Apr – May)
  • Finalize the project plan (Jun)
  • Photo & article preparation (Jul – Sep)
  • Publisher communication (Sep)
  • Design work (Oct – Nov)
  • Publish (Dec 2018 or Jan 2019)

Key items to be decided :

  • Name of the book
  • Book format (size, print quality)
  • What style of the photo?
  • Do we need ‘aligned theme’ from project members or random subjects?
  • B&W only or Color photo?  Printing quality for Color book will be more challenging and expensive. Also BW photo is well regarded as artistic output.


  • 60% photo
  • 20% story behind the photo, location, experience, personal memories….
  • 10% photo skill, how to take & process the photo
  • 10% equipment, what used (camera / lens is not relevant with photo itself, but most viewers want to know about it anyway)

Proposal 1 : BW cityscape

  • Select 5-6 cities in the world, for example, Amsterdam, Paris, Seoul, Taipei, LA ….etc & gather photos from members
  • Theme of the book is very specific
  • Can draw strong attention from whom are interested in this specific area.

Proposal 2: BW landscape

  • More in general, landscape including cityscape
  • More freedom for photographers
  • Wider audience but BW landscape is not really special subject…




 thanks to Serge Ramelli photo credit




Project details will be discussed with members and updated along the project progress





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