#Bookplan2018, Seoul meeting to review book printing

I sit together with Prof Yang at Seoul to talk about book printing, size, paper and how to print mainly. For size comparison, I put my mobile phone on the book at right side (white paper)




Here’s something to think about and discuss further

  1. Regarding book size, right one (white) is more appropriate as Photo book while left one is better for more described contents, something like equipment, post processing, any other technical subjects.
  2. Thickness : the Photo book shouldn’t be too thin… unless it is magazine style. If too thin, it does not appeal as good enough contents no matter what really contains inside. It is also related with intended book price. You may not charge thin book for a certain range of price, simply because not acceptable from reader’s perspective. Thickness is also influenced by paper weight, so  I expect about 100 pages need to be prepared.
  3. Binding : can be glued or stitched. Gluing is cheaper but can not handle the book spread wide (page will be detached easily). Stitching is more robust and traditional book binding method but price is increased.
  4. Inkjet print or Offset print : for small amount of book printing, inkjet is used normally (called digital printing). Unlike consumers inkjet printer, it is more professional equipment which uses pigment inks. So endurance is OK but color difference per book can be exist due to individual printing per order. Price is high side. Meanwhile, offset printing is for large amount of book printing (Minimum 300 books). It is traditional printing method which is consistent in color. Price is cheaper than Inkjet print. Drawback is minimum order quantity, 300 books in one batch.


So, these are something we need to decide along the project progress, as ‘publish the book’ side.

In these days, more important subject is how to sell the book (where to sell…). Amazon is one place for English book but we also need to consider Korean and Chinese versions. As far as I know, Amazon does not handle these languages yet.

Depends on discussion, we may split each language book for different sellers, for example, English book in Amazon, Korean book in local on-line seller…. etc.

  • Photo exhibition is another subject combined with book publishing, because it is not only promotion for photographers but also for the book.
  • It requires extra effort though, need to survey, contract exhibition place, print & mount into frame, laboring to attend and keep the exhibition place and wrap up all things at the end. Still it is worth to consider and discuss among project members.






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