#Bookplan2018 update #1

Project Members

Leo Khimme (aka, Leo Kim);  Taipei, Taiwan


Ralph de Pagter;  Eindhoven, Nederland


Hanmo Yang;  Seoul, Korea


Adri Hendricksen;  Almere, Nederland


Harry Lee (aka, HakHyun Lee);  Montreal, Canada


Teddy Domagalski;  Rushden, UK





Project Goal

  • Publish photobook to elaborate members activity to semi or full time professional photographers and/or writers
  • Trigger interaction among the community members to achieve 10,000 members as 1st phase
  • Integrate Western and Asian market : publish book in 3 languages to enlarge potential market and also promote OPEANUT’s global scope projects
    • English
    • Korean
    • Chinese

Project Timeline

  • Draft out project plan & announcement (Mar)
  • Gather 6-7 project members (Apr – May)
  • Finalize the project plan (Jun)
  • Photo & article preparation (Jul – Sep)
  • Publisher communication (Sep)
  • Design work (Oct – Nov)
  • Publish 1st edition (Dec 2018)

Target reader

  • Photographers who want inspiring and photo skill learning
  • Travelers oriented high-quality-photo
  • Who want to publish their books in future

Subject & contents : Urban photography (Color & BW)

  • 60% photo
  • 20% story behind the photo, location, experience, personal memories….
  • 10% photo skill, how to take & process the photo
  • 10% equipment, what used (camera / lens is not relevant with photo itself, but most viewers want to know about it anyway)

On line publisher survey

Netherlands publisher


US Publisher




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