Brief instruction of Leaf Valeo digital back raw file processing

Leaf Valeo is excellent performer, only outdated so long…..since dinosaur era

– There is no JPG option, only raw files

– There is no display to adjust menu   (can use mobile device IPAQ for display but limited functions)

– Default WB is flash and ISO 25.

Processing in Lightroom

1. Imported raf file into Lightroom looks as below/

Overall green cast caused by default WB (flash) setting in daylight environment


2. Select All –> Auto tone

Leaf raw file has much larger tonal range and flexibility for adjustment. Most of shots, Auto toning works well.


3. Before adjusting White Balance : Temp 4600 and Tint -28 as flash setting (see red circle)


4. Change WB to daylight, for example    Temp 5100, Tint +10

Exact WB need to be measure with grey card, but above setting is good starting point if grey card is not available

In below, actual Temp is 5150 and Tint +9 that are close enough to typical daylight value…


From here, continue ‘post processing’ in LR or PhotoShop


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