[Bronica] A dream of amatuer, ‘build world best camera for myself’ Zenzaburo Yoshino



Editing in English is on going




Zenzaburo Yoshino. If you have a dream, don’t bury it in your mind. Put it on to your hands.


Bronica Z


Bronica D


Bronica S




Speical design in mirror mechanism, constraint from optical design, & why it should be like that?


Bronica S2


Bronica S2A


Bronica EC


Bronica EC-TL


Lenses from Nikon, Bronica OEM and Komura




Move into leaf shutter system.


Bronica ETR-S


Bronica SQ


Bronica GS-1


Using digital back for Bronicas



















Zenza Bronica S2








8 copy.jpg









11 copy.jpg












01012013pic586 copy.jpg







01012013pic587 copy.jpg











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