BW conversion from Sony ARW file (A7m2)


It’s too early to start up ‘Preset’ building. I still practice manual conversion for BW to understand Sony file’s characteristics.

At a glance, ARW is easy to handle and have large lattitue to control. When I use Ricoh GXR-M, I boosted curve almost all the time

due to lower contrast, but I do much smaller curve adjustment for ARW files.


* Remark – still I do not make conclusion. It could be difference in between modern multi-coated zoom lens (Sony 28-70) and old

single coated Leica optics for Ricoh GXR-M. Once I compare the same lens shot, Summitar, I can make conclusion with reasonable data sets.


** Overview and details will be recorded new working file ‘A7m2 Impression, Questions & mastering’.



DSC01220-Edit-2 PS 900.jpg












2015, Jul, 08


This is outcome of 1st Preset of A7m2 in LightRoom




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