Canon 50mm f0.95 and Mitakon 50mm f0.95 test project






24, Aug


85mm f1.2 and 50mm f0.95. They are very wide aperture lens commercially available.

Comparing these 2 is not make real sense due to different focal length and their intended application.

But for fun, why not?


I can see substantial difference in color (when not post-processed) and micro contrast of fine details.

Before I post anything, I will do one more time field shooting, then ship Mitakon to New Zealand ASAP.  : – )











Test plan and progress will be updated in here.

Alex, I will send a message to get your address for shipping. Check the message in OPEANUT & Flickr.



21, Aug


Alex, since you left your address already in here, I copied my message for you down as well.

* note: I delete your address after I copy it. Like to keep private information in private.


20, Aug [message]


Thanks for your joining this fun project!  How about the schedule as below?


1) First of all, give your address for shipping, my email is [deleted]

2) I will send the lens out at the end of Aug.

3) Play with the lens in 1 month & send it back


Even though, this is a deal with you and me, let’s treat it as a project.

If so, I like to have project progress posting instead of final result at the end of last day.

That way will be much more fun, isn’t it?


Have a nice day.



Regards, Leo

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