Change CF-22 digital back adapter from Mamiya AFD to Hasselblad 500C


First of all, it did not work well today,

so I will come back for 2nd round try soon after searching necessary information.







(left top) Hasselblad CF-22 digital back with AFD adapter       (left bottom) Hasselblad V adapter

(middle) Finder mask

(Right) Instruction manual, Torque drive, Sync cable









This is Mamiya AFD adapter. Note electronic contacts upper side.












Mamiya adapter removed.

I got stuck at first since the screw driver not fit at all. Then remember I have another driver (red one) and found it fits perfect.

How come they use different screws for the same digital back?












CF-22 without adapter.

Can see electronics contacts surrounded all corners…. not sure them are all used but could be

if consider Imacon / Hasselblad support many other medium format camera which not supported by Leaf, Phase One
























Switched to Hasselblad V adapter.




























But, the back does not capture the image with Sync cable.

It just stay calm as if no signal came in.


During test, 1 time it capture the image suddenly (it reminds me previous Leaf Valeo set up which took 3 month to figure out…)

So I think there is poor contact point somewhere instead of fundamental issue.


(1) Poor X sync from the lens –> I have SWC/M so tested with this lens too : Same symptom  –> not this problem

(2) Cable itself bad  –> I tried 2 cables & they were working find with Leaf back –> not this problem

(3) Adapter’s sync port issue –> may be or may be not :

If I connect to Digital back directly instead through adapter, I could figure out whether it is OK or NOT.

But before this try, I like to find out more information. There are 2 ports, one in red and the other in green. Which one should I?

(4) Software setting –> there are different settings, ELX, ELD, CW & generic…etc

since I tried all of them, I don’t think it is the cause of the problem. But there may be something I did not figure out yet…



Anyway, I tentatively conclude it is contact issue because of 1 time successful image capturing.

Probably attaching adapter is not adequate…


I switch back to Mamiya AFD now, and will come back this job soon again.


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