Chiyoko Optical Co. Minolta Autocord TLR



I described somewhere in TLR stories, all TLRs run film from bottom to top. But it was over-confidence mistake.

I’ve got big surprise when I first time load a film to Minolta Autocord which runs film from top to bottom.

Well… you don’t know everything unless you go through everything….


As far as I know, Minolta Autocord is not out-of-box new design. It is loosely copied from older Flexaret

from Checkoslovakia which implies suspection, the original one also runs film from top to bottom.





Minota Autocord.

‘Auto’ means in those days humbly ‘self cocking’ & ‘film loading without peep hole’.








Top plate name is ‘CHIYOKO’ which was the maker of minolta series camera.

Later ‘minolta’ become the maker name iteself. Now not many people remember Chiyoko Optical Co. 







Like Rolleiflex, a lever works for film loading and shutter cocking through turn a half and back action.


Note ‘depth of field’ indicator is located around the lever. I could turn the roundel manually using tiny 2 pins.

I hoped the roundel linked with focus lever & turn together when focus lever moves but actually it does not work like that.

It is simple indicator which requires manual turning whenever photographer want to know the depth of field.

Better than nothing but not very useful…








Left side. Simple and strait forward layout







Focus lever is located at the front of the camera. This is unique feature copied from Flexaret design.

I don’t see advantage to knob turning type like Rolleiflex but not uncomfortable either.







ROKKOR 75mm f3.5 lens. One used to see Minolta Rokker but here is Chiyoko Rokkor.

Red C mark in the round means ‘this lens is coated’







Autocord is an unique equipment among TLR designs even though not significant.













1. Shutter speed lever

2. Aperture adjustment lever

3. Self Timer

4. Flash Sync selection (X strobe, M bulb)

5. Sync contact

6. Shutter release









7. Camera back open lever








Nr 8 is misterious button for me. I could not figure out what it is for yet…..

It is spring tensioned and moves backward slightly if pushed, but nothing happen at the camera…








** end

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