[Cityscape] Taipei 101 from shangshan trail



   From first point, 250m from entrance of the trail


Taipei 101 is the most extraordinary landmark in Taipei. It attracts endless tourist and countless photo-shoots surely. Even so, it does not hinder temptation to  take one for ourselves, right? And very much worthy to do so I bet…


Elephant mountain

There are 4 mountains behind this massive building & the closest one is Shangshan (Elephant mountain), so trip starts from here, MRT Red line, Shangshan station.



   Exit #2 of MRT Shangshan station.

There are couple of different entrance for Shangshan trail, but this way (from Exit 2) is the main direction heading to ‘six rocks’ which is the most famous foreground for the 101 shot.



   ShinYi district is the most expensive town in Taipei.

Luxury apartments are scattered here and there… but let’s focus to Taipei 101 in this time   : -)



After about 15 min walk along ShinYi-5 street and park, I arrived at the enterance of the trail. There are 4 spots for photo-shoot, 1st one about 250m and last one about 600m. It’s short distance but with steep stairs  !!!



   View from 1st point




Yeap, continue to go up…



   I said, stair is steep …. continue 150m to reach to ‘six rocks’



Here is the point of ‘six rocks’ People wait in line to go up to one of rocks. It is worth to wait if you want to make memorable selfie, but be aware long waiting time ….  :- )



   Depends on weather, could be much more crowded than this….


Let’s continue go up further to Point #3



If you don’t care about Selfie or already took one, here is much better point to shoot 101. Especially for night shoot, you can take lights of city spreading distance from this point.



It was too fuzzy to view Yangming mountains behind Tiemu. If weather is better, can see mountains and clouds over-passing them.



Actually, the trail is very long and winding. But we just stop at 600m.


From point 3 to point 4 is level walk, not uphill. It looks almost the same in here to shoot 101, but will be very different when sunset due to different angle of lighting.



   View from point 4


For night cityscape, best timing is not night. It’s about sunset or right after sunset when pale lighting still downfall from sky. Otherwise, night-shot become ‘many dots in pitch black background’.

That being said, you know there is only 1 time opportunity, 10-15 minute before and after sunset. Better be prepared and wait the moment   : -)



=== PART 2 ===

On the way back


There are small park and alley to make nice backdrop for snap shots



Flowers in the park



Heading to Cafe – Nola’s Kitchen



Small but cozy place. It plays New Orlean’s style jazz.  About 250 – 300 NTD for spagetti.







Inside Cafe



Well…. Taiwan beer from Taiwan or ChingDao beer from China (not ChingDao from Taiwan) are excellent choice. Don’t mention Duvel from Belgium….   : – )



I took Spagetti but already mess up. So took Lea’s dish, Jambalaya.



On the way back to MRT


There is not many different stuff around. No matter where you are, you will find 101 and make it as a part of frame.

Late afternoon to right after sunset (~3 hours) is the best timing I think. For night-shot, need tripod. And if long exposure planed, strong ND filters required. Of course, to make it really happen, need bless from weather-God as usual ….     : – )


Leo Khimme





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