(Conclusion) TechArt EOS NEX III adapter

The review started with the delightful title, ‘Welcoming TechArt EOS NEX III adapter’ eventually ended up not so promising ‘it’s gone …’ story.
I finally sent it back to seller after some effort & struggle to figure how to optimize it.
Having bug is not a problem for Equipment-mania, who has fun on error analysis and enjoys debugging, so there was tempting to keep and try but …
TechArt customer service looks not know about technical details about the adapter or not interested any longer.
I concluded that no meaning to persuade this adapter debugging further.

Even though this is not complete review; I still want to describe what can be expected, especially good points and to be improved.


85/1.8 razor sharp focus

1) The results using with Canon lens 35mm f1.4 & 85mm f1.8 gave a satisfactory performance in Nor mode.
If compared with Sony native lens, somewhat differs I guess. But expectation using the adapter with non-native lens

would not be the same performance as the original lens I think. Instead, if it delivers adequate performance with Canon lens,

no hindrance to practical use, it is good enough for ordinary users, isn’t it?


TechArt EOS NEX III Adapter,  Canon 85mm f1.8 and 35mm f1.4


– Nor mode, AF-S: Thank you very fast AF. It works as fast as native lens and focus accuracy is dead on spot.

Excellent performance comparable with Sony original lenses and a big bonus, no worry about ‘focus-shift’

which is prone to DSLR, Canon system.

– Nor mode, AF-C:  It works in reasonable and convincing performance with moving subjects, even though not to the same level

with Sony native lenses. No big problem to use AF-C in practical way. Compared with the native Sony lens,

it moves focus ring constantly (like fine vibration).

In case of moving subject, surely it will work in this way, but even with stationary subject, focus ring vibrated.

Actual shooting at Field doesn’t show any big problem, but Sony’s original lens works much better and stable

in AF-C mode.



35mm f1.4, Razor sharp focus too..


Collision of butterfly

Catching this scene would not possible without AF-C which constantly traces focus and adjust to moving subject.

2) Fn mode: Techart customer service explains this mode is only working on contrast detection(CDAF) camera like A7, A7R &

it does not operate in A7m2 which has phase detection system (PDAF). I am not sure whether they know Sony A7m2 was CDAF

before firmware 2.0 update, and still switchable in between PDAF and CDAF through menu.
After several times received the same repeating explanation, I started to think I wouldn’t get technical answers I hope…

Techart seems to pay all the attention to Leica AF adapter recently.
In there, frimware update continue while EOS NEX III adapter does not have any since last October.

In fact, Leica AF Adapter is such a brilliant idea, no other player or even rumor heard in this market except TechArt
They naturally want to bring the product to mature phase before competitors put steps in, I understand.

Regarding  EOS NEX III adapter, there are already many players, Chinese companies to produce cheap versions,

Japanese company to produce an advanced version like Metabones. Most of all, in a small market of adapter suddenly a major player

in the industry, Sigma release their own adapter MC-11 laid the small field in a red ocean.

TechArt may not have or want to pour more resources in here…

Anyway, understanding TechArt postion does not mean agree to their strategy.

EOS NEX III adapter still has bugs and maker’s taking care extensively which is not the case any longer…

Below is shots from 35mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8 using TechArt EOS NEX III adapter



Crash of butterfly







As conclusion: Nor mode operation is very good, but Fn mode does not work properly.
If you use the adapter in Nor mode only, there is no big difference with low-cost adapters.

Techart cost 3-4 times the price than low-cost AF adapters.

* Recommend: For older Sony A7 & A7R, TechArt is still provide fastest auto focusing speed.

So this is good option to consider, but existing bugs is bottleneck

** Not recommend: A7R2, A7m2, new PDAF camera, it has no advantage over regular adapter.

It is hard to justify its price with the same functionality with low budget adapter.

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