[Easy Photoshop] shift a part of photo and remove large objects

Source : 2 raw files shot in vertical panorama

Raw file after pano-stitching

There are 2 major glitches remaining after 2 files merged into one. (#1) The sword is not aligned correctly as seen at arrow and (#2) a bag at right side distracts view point significantly. We can improve the situation with Easy skills in Photoshop. Here we go….



1.  Shift image with Patch tool

Select the part of sword where need to be aligned with lower part of sword and move left side to match with lines

  • Patch > Move

Then fill the image left in original position of sword. Different method can be used, but in here I use Stamp tool to copy fabrics around & paste into the area where remedy needed.

  •  Stamp clone tool


Aligned with rotation

Just shifting parallel does not match the sword precisely. I rotate slightly (1.9 degree) to align upper and lower parts of sword. See #1.1 for the result.

Meanwhile I also decide to modify #3 point into strait line.


Large object is not well removed by ‘Fill > Contents Aware’. I had to mix up image with ‘Patch’ to make reasonable outcome from Fill.

Below #2, working on Patch > Move images before I apply Fill > Contents Aware.

  • Fill > Contents aware
  • Patch to straiten fabric at leg, #3

With this raw file, I am ready to go to regular Photo processing.

It looks a little complex in the beginning but actually simple & easy. I repeat Patch & Fill function to make overall image looking realistic.


Regular processing in Lightroom and Photoshop

From here, the raw file treated as the same as any other file strait out of camera

  • Color balance to warm up overall color and mood
  • Apply high pass filter to sharpen model’s eye
  • Add gradient for Monochrome version


BW version






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