Example : LightRoom Tri-X preset working note, comparison Original and Processed photos


Original Photo  #1


Dark green color in this picture transformed to dark grey in BW conversion.

At first, I applied ‘Coffee tone, fine grain, vignetting 30′ version as starting point



Picture converted too dark (of course!), so I increased exposure 1.7 stops

to reach bright tone. Plus boosting up contrast factor 10 to 20

Then using LR brush, tone down left and right side leaves to avoid the same bright tone

distract attention. Overall takes about 10 minute to finish the work





Original Photo #2




Here are bright magenta, yellow and green colors mixed up

Tulip bud is presented far brighter than green leaves. (Tri-X preset’s light sensitivity shifted to yellow / red slightly)

Once I lower down to show a little details on the bud, leaves fall down to dark tone enought


But bud itself is somewhat plain in tonal range instead of bright magenta and yellow separated.

* If I drive further to separate those delicate tonal difference of them, I expect speding hours

(not minutes) in photoshop.

In Lightroom, can try ‘color slide bar’ to separate tone but I don’t think it is easy because they are too close

in color parrette, so try precise LR brush work. But if need to do brush precisely, Photoshop with layer

would be much better than Lightroom.


I applied the same preset, Coffee tone, fine grain, vignetting 30 version.





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