Finally, I attached Canon FD 85mm f1.2 (grand-mantou) to the camera, Sony A7m2


Last time, embrassed by an adapter which works for sony A7, A7R, NEX without any problem but refuse to fit into A7m2. Seller accept return without much question though, and mention that he will release improved adapter for A7m2 soon. It sounds good….. but I can not wait ‘soon’ as you know since the lens sit on shelf now. So I gave up ‘nice looking’ ULATA adapter with blue anodized ring and made order for an ordinary ‘Canon FD-Leica M’ adapter.

It is not ‘Canon FD-Sony A7’ any longer. I have ‘Leica M – Sony A7’ adapter which fit to and work on A7m2 perfectly. So decide to combine 2 adapters.

DSC02705 tile.jpg

* Left is ‘Canon FD – Leica M’ adapter, and right is ‘Canon FD – Sony A7’ adapter. There is substantial difference in thickness.

Leica M helicoid adapter is real handy stuff for Sony. Most of rangefinder lenses, like Leica M, Contax S, Nikon RF or Canon RF… etc have minimum focus distance around 1m (in case of standard lens). But if the Leica M adapter’s helicoid extended, RF lens is able to focus down to 0.4m, and DSLR lens turn into macro-like one. Also long forgotten Decktel telephoto lens, e.g. Retina-Schneider 135mm which minimum distance is wowing 4m can do focus down to 2m. It is still a little longer than DSLR 135mm lens (~1.5m) but now usable anyway.

DSC02707 tile.jpg

* Helicoid closed (left) and extended (right)


* Minimum distance of the Grand-Mantou (Canon 85mm f1.2 Aspherical) lens with helicoid retracted


* Minimum distance of the Grand-Mantou lens with adapter helicoid fully extended



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