Go to North coast, along Wanli in this weekend

It is the center of tropical summer.

Exausting & harsh sun light heat up the city, Taipei but it makes extra joy in the beach definitely.

So decide to go north in this weeked, Wanli and drive along coasts. Beach, seafood, & long exposure pictures….



This is the way I attached 400X ND filter to Sony A7m2


1) Step Ring from 55mm to 77mm

2) B&W ND filter 77mm

3) Hood to shade the surface of the filter. (This is actually Cokin type square filter holder but I use it lens hood)


** Well, I need to figure out how to use ‘bulb’ setting. In quick glance, I can not find how to activate the bulb setting….







Big gun is for short exposure.

Medium format / digital back can generate ‘creamy & blurry’ in wide angle !!!

I will find out how much then…








Have a nice weekend, all Opeaners!





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