[Hasselblad] Rumor confirmed: they’ll release new camera on 22 at 2PM CET….

Hasselblad was longtime-beloved by professional in film days.

Their 500 series is a must item for commecial stuido or serious photo works.

NOT in digital era though. Their ‘stella’, ‘Lunar’…such and such products are ‘skin-change-engineering’ to charge 5-10 times more

to Sony consumer’s camera. It was pity that the name, Hasselblad became quickly the same as insane marketing and

destroy reputation in one-shot…

Now they said it will be different in this time. Their PR says new release as “mirrorless, ‘very special’, ‘beautiful’,

with an unusual aspect ratio.”

So what will be?

Here is hint from Hasselblad CEO, interviewed by ePHOTOzine.

What would fit is something aimed at the prosumer – which we see as the dedicated amateur, passionate enthusiast,

semi-professional etc. – already shooting with a DSLR. Part of this audience already buys into Leica and our first step

would be to look at this area, prices and portability.

I am one of those love & use Hasselblad 500C / SWC.

I really hope they changed in this time. No more fake-insane-skin-changes…


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