Hasselblad SWC. It was formidable tool for architecture and landscape photography. And still it is..

Here is a Hasselblad SWC.

Front white barrel contains ‘Carl Zeiss Biogon’ lens which is truely symmetrical design. Any distortion or spherical abberation cancelled in symmetrical design, essential for high performance lens.  But the design makes lens element so close to film – almost touch – eliminating any possibility to install mirror box. There is no way to confirm focus. You need to rely on ‘your own judgement’ and metric scale of the lens barrel.

It could be different if digital era’s wisdom applied. Recently, mirrorless camera is booming which does not rely on mirror box at all.

But in the design room of 1958, it was unthinkable, not even in dream, way of working. It is a masterpiece in fim days. If you know about film and willing to

accept old days’ method, SWC will delive extraordinary performance for you still in digital imaging passion.  Now we have options for affordable digital back

for SWC.



Focusing rely on scale and your gut feeling.

Once get used though, it is pretty simple and straitforward. : – )

Depth of field from 38mm Biogon provides enough room to work with scale / feeling method.



Body engineered by Sweden

Lens / shutter build by German

SWC is very reliable and professional quality camera indeed.


글쓴이 Leo_KHIMME

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