[Hasselblad SWC + Leaf Valeo 22] Powerful combination enabling professional quality in portable medium


Most of picture are taken with Hasselblad SWC + Leaf Valeo 22Wi.  Only 1 photo come from 500C + Leaf Valeo 17Wi. SWC itself is small and compact (among 6X6 medium format body of course) and attaching Leaf Valeo / portable pack does not impact its portability. In fact, they are pretty good match.

All are hand held shot. In 100% pixel view, I can see slight moving blur, but overall acceptable stability.


   Taipei view from Wenhua University at Yangmingshan, 2014, March



   Dansui View



    Hot summer afternoon



   YangMing-shan trail

All Pictures above are taken by ‘Hasselblad SWC + Leaf Valeo-22’



   On the way in YangMing-shan trail

Photo taken with Hasselblad 500C, 80mm Planar & Leaf Valeo 17Wi


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