How to use Editor, insert photo and movie clip, market posting and Emoticon



There are 3 main blocks in OPEANUT front page menu. Select language to use first of all.


  1. Left side boards (blue box) are used for local language and display per selected country
  2. Middle area boards (red box, gallery and market) are common use in world & display menu per selected language.
3. Right side boards (green box) are English and common use in world




Top Menu in boards : sort out and view posting in Total or per Category 





Bottom Menu in boards : ‘Write’ button is located







   1. Enlarge Editor to entire scree. If click again, return to original size 

   2. Special characters 

   3. Imoticon – click ‘smile’ icon    (*more details below)

   4. File attachment – located at left-buttom of Editor, either Drag & Drop or ‘Search folder’ to located files to upload

       File size is limited 2Mb per file and 21Mb for one posting

   5. Adjust Editor size – editor screen can be elongated with click and drap





Add Photo (example) : 5 photos inserted to buffer area via ‘File Attachment’.

Select photo(s) and click ‘Insert’ button which is located at right corner to post into contents.




Thumnail change – to use any photo as Thumbnail, place mouse over a photo, then the box will be change to green color.

Click right upper corner of the box to select it as new Thumbnail.





Posting Movie clip

First of all, need to copy ‘source code’ of the movie which will be posted in a board.

– Place mouse over Movie screen.

– Click right-mouse button

– Select ‘copy source code’ 


To paste the moive into editor, select ‘source’,

move mouse inside editor screen, click right-mouse button

& select ‘paste’.


Posting Market (Selling item)

Go to World Market and select ‘write’. 




As below, table of selection is displayed. Don’t need select all of boxes, just choose cases appropriate for selling item.




Attaching photo is the same as other posting

How to use EMOTICON
In the Editor

1) Select ‘smile’

2) Imoticon menu display as below. Default is msn folder and there are more folders contains

    variety of emoticons. Click arrow mark to select other folders.





3) Example of another folder, Gomoticon.





How to use Emoticon in ‘Comment’ editor:
1) Click ‘select Editor’ and then select ‘WYSIWYG’




2) Click arrow mark to open Editor mode. Rest is the same as imoticon selection in Editor




3) Comment editor is smaller than posting editor, If want to enlarge it, click and drag arrow mark as the same as

    posting editor.