How to use Hasselblad original film magazine (c12 type)?

Hasselblad original film magazine is the one produced before A12 type. You can identify A12 which has plastic lever to advance film

while original type has metal ring and lever as below picture. There was no specific model name for the original magazine, just called

‘film magazine’. Straightforward.

But later A12 type released, and E12 type followed. So people start to call it as ‘C12 type film back’ to differentiate with later versions.


c12 magazine


Release film holder out of magazine


Film holder, Sppol, film


Install empty spool at top (with gear shaft) and film to bottom


** Caution – As left side of the picture below, one side of film should go underneath metal guide.


Turn gear shaft with finger couple of rounds.

Older magazine, c12 does not have ‘alignment mark’ like A12. So just load until film securely loaded into spool.


Install film holder to magazine. Note the lever turned counterclock wise in the picture below.


Turn lever to clock wise to lock the film holder


Now turn the magazine to the other side.

There is film counter which is black ring showing ’10’ inside. And ‘white dot’ is in front of it.


Open the lever, and also open ‘Peep hole’ shown in the down side. Then turn the lever clock wise to wind film.


You can see film paper while winding and letters passing.


This big arrow indicate 1st shot position will come soon. So you need to slow down winding.


Now here we go. You can see number ‘1’ which indicate 1st shot position of the film.

In below picture, it looks like ‘- -‘ but they are actually ‘1’ if you turn the magazine 90 degree.

OK, close peep hole in here.


At right side of magazine, film counter (black round) is blank. Number is not appeared yet.

This is the point to reset the counter to number ‘1’.


To do reset, turn film lever to couterclock wise (opposite direction to film winding) slightly, then with clicking sound

internal mechanism reset the counter to 1. Now ready for first exposure.

From now on, it works automatically until finish 12th count.

Just shot and wind camera knob.


Magazine attached to 500c.


Just curios, I open peep hole after 1st exposure and wind camera knob.

Film advanced to number ‘2’ exactly….


There is a caution to handle magazine and camera.

Check color dot which indicate the status as [white-white] or [red-red]

Below, both camera and magazine show white dots, which mean shutter cocked and film advanced.

Attaching and detaching magazine have to be done in this status.


[red-red] dots. It means shutter released (not wind yet) and film exposed but not advanced to next yet.

When attach any magzine to body, be careful not to mix up ‘white-red’ or ‘red-white’ combination.


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