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Good for Every Body: A Dietary Defense Against Cancer and Heart Disease

Peanuts and peanut butter aren’t just good for everyone—they’re good for every body!

The Good Health Gift Guide

The greatest gift? Good health! And we have ideas for sharing it with everyone on your list.

Nutrition for Competition

Learn how to get more from diet and exercise, so you can get the most from your routine.

Peanuts Benefit the Gut Microbiome

Learn about key nutrients that could support brain, body and digestive health.

Peanuts: The Guilt-Free Food

Get unbelievable nutrition at an unbeatable price.

Stay Sharp & Boost Your Mind With Peanuts

Healthy nutrients that keep your brain at its best.

The Peanut Trifecta: Nutrition & Taste at a Lower Price

Eat cheap without skimping on nutrition.

Peanuts: Better Health on a Budget

Tighten your spending while trimming your waistline.

Power Up with Peanuts

Give your routine some plant-based protein.

How Peanuts Help Lower Blood Pressure & Shed Weight

Your guide to weight management and heart health.

Peanuts Swap Fast Food for Good Food Fast!

A healthy alternative to on-the-go eating.

Around the World with Peanuts

Learn how peanuts support health around the world.

Just Add Peanuts! Small Lifestyle Changes with Big Results

Get big benefits in as little as one daily serving.

Peanuts: the Better Brainfood

Explore the brain-boosting nutrients in every serving.

The Lowdown on Lectins

How a little-known protein makes a big impact.

Peanuts and Healthy B24 Child Development

Help your kids start healthy habits early.

How Peanuts Power Heart Health

See the big-time benefits of eating peanuts for heart health.

Support Healthy Aging with Peanut Powder

Older adults have specific nutrient needs, and peanut powder can help.

Peanuts & Metabolic Syndrome

Reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome (or even reverse it) with peanuts.

Defend Against Diabetes with Peanuts

A nutrient-packed food with powers of prevention and management.

Super Peanut Butter Recipes

Make your meals (and your energy) go further with peanut butter!

Peanuts Can Help Fight Depression

See the impact of peanuts on mental health.

Healthy Start: Live Your Best Life with Peanuts

Get your New Year’s guide to healthier eating.

Live a Longer, Healthier Life with Peanuts!

Peanuts support health for people of all ages.

Are Peanuts Good for a Kid’s Health?

Peanuts deliver valuable nutrition at every age.

How Peanuts Help the Heart

See the science behind heart-healthy peanuts.

The MIND Diet and Peanuts

A brain-boosting diet that incorporates our favorite superfood.

Peanuts: The Superfood That Fights Cancer

See how nut consumption can help in the fight.

Peanuts: A More Affordable Alternative

Control diabetes on a budget with peanuts.

Peanuts: A Superfood with Super Powers

This nutrient-rich powerhouse delivers big benefits in a small serving.

5 Bioactive Reasons to Eat More Peanuts

Bioactive compounds can deliver big health benefits.

Peanuts: Brain Superfood

Peanuts are good for your body. But did you know they can help your brain, too?

Peanuts are Super(food) Heroes in Fighting Diabetes

Learn about the power peanuts bring to preventing or managing type 2 diabetes.

Power of Peanuts for Health

Check out how peanuts support a healthy planet, and a healthier you!

Are Peanuts a Great Snack? You do the Math

See how all the benefits of peanuts add up to better health.

The Healthy Fat that Helps Peanuts Fight Disease

Did you know that fat isn’t necessarily a villain when it comes to your diet?

Peanuts: The Power of Protein in Every Bite

Protein is necessary to helping our body function—and peanuts pack in plenty.