Ixpress 16/22 digital back adapter for Hasselblad V



I recently acquired Ixpress 16/22 digital back adapter.
I have plan to use it on Hasselblad CF-22 back (36X48mm sensor)

But…I found the adapter only fit in 1 direction, horizontal.
So surprise it is, because I know Leaf and Phase one back have 2 direction to fit, vertical and horizontal.

If digital sensor is square like Imacon V96 or Phase One P20, it does not matter but if the sensor is rectangular in 36 X 48, it is going to be a big problem.

How to use Hasselblad 500C in vertical position?
I know I have to use 90 degree prism and turn the camera 90 degree. But Hasselblad V is not work like that way. Film winding, shutter release… everything is akward if the camera held vertical position. man…

(1) there newer adapter which can fit in 2 ways, vertical or horizontal from Ixpress?

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