4 type of 135mm f1.8 lenses produced during 60-70 in Japan


I am doing research (=good wording for ‘extra buy’ when try to convince wife) of 4 different type 135mm f1.8 lenses which produced in 60 & 70 from Japan. This is not full review yet, just want to share couple of pictures in here, Spiratone Telephoto 135mm f1.8

(Type 2) Spiratone Telephoto 135mm f1.8

(left) Mitakon 50mm f0.95 (right) Spiratone 135mm f1.8

To compare size with the previous review, Weltblick 135mm f1.8 (and the same lens Porst 135mm f1.8), I placed it with the standard metric ‘Mitakon’ lens. Apparently it looks shorter and fatter ….


This is much heavier than Weltblick 135/1.8 …  A chuck of metal and glass


The original lens mount is a ‘YS’, which is interchangeable with most of SLR camera. This particular lens has Konica AR mount, and I add ‘Konica-Leica’ adapter to throw it onto Leica.


Leica M9P + Spiratone 135/1.8

In fact, this configuration is not working because Leica M9-P doesn’t have LiveView function…..but when attached with M240 or M10, it works flawlessly.


The information of these 4 type 135mm f1.8 lenses are not readily available and myth are much confusing. For two of them, I wrote a review alreay and ready to write, 3rd one (Sigma XQ) just acquired and the last ont is located at one of OPEANUT member’s collection, ‘M42Collector’. I will try all of them and provide my opinion … : -)

Sony A7 II + Spiratone 135/1.8



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