[Leaf Digital back] S/W for legacy products, Vorale, Cantare, C-most and Valeo…






Leaf Capture V8 S/W applicable for Leaf Vorale, Cantare, C-most and all of Valeo series

1) Manual: LC8.4.6 RN.pdf

2) Dmg file: LeafCapture V8.4.6.installer.dmg  

    (this file is currently oversized , 43MB which is bigger than this board’s permission. If you leave message at ‘Write a comment’ I will send it to you

     via email.….)



IPAQ Wi-View S/W

I recommend using this file instead of DP-67 below. It is newer version which is stable, quick on bluetooth.

Download both ‘cap’ and ‘installer.app’ file at the same directory. Unzip and execute.


WiView11 1.0.3 Installer.app.zip


Leaf DP-67 (for someone who need it anyway)







Mac OS V10.4 

This version has confirmed (I test it) for LC V8. Higher version might be OK, but I did not test in person, thus can not say whether OK or NOT.

If you run LC V8 in higher OS version successfully, I appreciate you inform me to update data  as latest. Thanks.




    (this file is currently oversized , 73MB which is bigger this board’s permission. If you leave message at ‘Write a comment’ I will send it to you

      via email.)










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  1. 닮산

    Hi, Loren
    I am very glad someone is using Dinasour digital back and asking files…. haha.

    Download issue is because of the previlidge, and I will send the file for you separately. 🙂
    I also connect you in FaceBook for easier communication.

  2. Leo_KHIMME Post author

    Hi, Loren

    I uploaded 8.4.6 dmg and WiView installer file to your dropbox.
    It took some time to dig our dusty folders archived years ago…. haha

    I did 8.4.6 installation into 2 MacBooks. I am not sure what exact H/W version is…
    Anyway older one has Mac OS 10.4 and 8.4.6 was working OK. Now the MacBook is broken
    I bought another MacBook as replacement, but it turns out newer H/W version and not able to install Mac OS 10.4.
    So tested with OS 10.5, and can not install 8.4.6. It turns out error at the end of installation sequence.

    * So, check your H/W version and make sure you install Mac OS 10.4 or below.

    * One request ; If you make success 8.4.6 file installation, can I ask formatting my leaf hard disk?
    Because my MacBook has down for a while, and Leaf 8.4.6 is my only application for Mac,
    I do not repair it yet… Meanwhile, Leaf hard disk lost configuration, so can’t use it with my Hasselblad.

  3. TIMY

    안녕하세요. WiView 어플리케이션 소스를 찾다가 유입되었습니다.

    PO에 문의하니 DP-67 52 96 밖에 없다면서 이것으로 해결되지 않으면 지원해줄 방법이 없다고 합니다.

    혹시 WiView 를 저도 좀 지원을 받을 수 있을까요?

    1. Leo_KHIMME Post author

      Hello, BMate
      It’s my pleasure ! I will send it out as soon as I return to home (Sunday, I am in travel…)

      By the way, do you have old Mac? Or which OS version you have?
      The v8.4.6 is running in old OS only….