Selling Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8 lens, Kiev-Contax mount usable for Sony A7 series



Jupiter-12 lens in used condition.No major blemish, dent or ding.

It performs well in center with A7 & degrading edge side as lens element deeply protruded inside of body.


(* camera & adapter not included. Selling item is a lens only)









a lens, back cap & plastic cylinder for carry (not pictured)







Used & well cared. No damage or blemish.






Lens element protruded like this, very close to shutter blade but not touching it.








This is combination with other Russian lens and adapter to show how to build up system

1) top : Jupiter-9 85mm f2.0

2) center : Kiev-Contax to SONY NEX / A7 adapter

3) center-right : Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8

4) bottom-left : Jupiter-8 50mm f2.0

5) bottom-right : Helios-103 53mm f1.8



* Kiev-Contax adapter is available for SONY, FUJI, SAMSUNG NX, Micro4/3 mount

* Jupiter-12 is only usable for SONY A7 series

  Can not mount to Crop bodies due to protruded lens elements (e.g. Sony NEX, Fuji, Samsung…etc)





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