(Sold) Hasselblad CF-22 digital back in Mamiya AFD mount (exchangeable with other models)




A set of digital back, Hasselblad CF-22






There are 2 blue lines on display which is shown below (F letter)

It is cosmetic issue and doesn’t hinder any functionality at all.






Sensor and IR filter are clean.

White spots are dust which blown off.






Side view of digital back. Interface is Mamiya AFD. CF-22 has interchangable mount so it can be used for Contax, Hasselblad V, H, 

Rolleiflex 6008… etc.


Right side is flange shim which is hard to find and expensive piece of plastic.

It is necessary to adjust accurate focus when mount exchanged, especially with old mechanical camera.






글쓴이 Leo_KHIMME

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