T-shirts (Leica version) design – decision to drop (Update 20, SEP)


Well, after long investigation of Trade mark / Copyright dispute, I finally decided to drop the design shown in here.

Sorry for the decision, but it is necessary action for public community like us. 


There are 2 things to care;


1) Copyright : those sample pictures taken by me with my own equipment. Therefore it is original and no violation on copyright.


2) Trademark : 'Leica' & 'M8' are trademark of Leitz. Because of this reason, I should not use them in photo if want to make T-shirts.

                       There are makers who are generous to use their name on byproducts (as a parts of promotion) but also makers

                       who are sensitive about their trademark. I fully understand the concern and want to comply the rule as I don't want 

                       someone else use our name 'Opeanut' for their purpose…



I request your understanding, members.

I will put the plan onto shelf until we reach to size for negotiation or different approach.

Thanks   : -)



Leo Kim





Base design







Leica M8 series


Pic #1




Pic #2






Pic #3






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Update, 21 Aug


1st photo got 8 vote, 2nd one got 5…

I will update progress regular base in here.     : -)