Last night of 2015, checking place have been and items bought at Korea now : -)

First thing first !!!   

Honey butter chips.



Well…. I could not imagine why so many people devoted chasing the cookie and become even nationwide chaos…

It’s litterly honey (favoured) butter (most likely favoured too) chips….that’s it  @@


This is HCD-1 proto type now displaying at DDP.

HCD-1 is actually quite old model, more than 20 years… distant ancester of Tiburon which is mass production model of Hyundai.


DDP (or DPP?) is the place I’ve never been before. I left Seoul before it has built.

It’s rare aesthetic architecture in the city of Seoul where deserves relax and easy stroll around.

Pretty much inspiring place. I will be there in next time too !!!



This is the winter, right?

Blazing cold wind, snow and slanted sun light




This is really unplanned JIREUM.  Scanmaker 8700 flatbed scanner.

It push out original plan for Canon 1ds mark II far behind.


Epson V700 & V800 series are the most popupar flat bed film scanners, but need to manage newton ring issue

which caused by glass and film emulsion. Focus shift problem is also troublesome which generated by glass plate.

Scanmaker does the job on the film emulsion directly. As you see below, this scanner insert film into separate tray

instead of glass onto top side. Will see the performance as soon as I return to Taiwan.



It is such a big and heavy monster.

I am scratching head a lot to figure out how to bring it to Taiwan safely.

Only way is custom build box I think.


It is 5 minutes before new year now.

Happy new year, all Opeanuts !!!


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