[Leica] Classic camera, Leica IIIc, IIIf STRD and Military Leica (but Russian)


Among screw mount Leicas, IIIc and IIIf STRD are most favorite (of course, my own) and long lasting stock.

Finally I post my IIIc in ‘world market’ for selling even though I still hesitate departing from it….


Before it actually take place, I like to post some picture Leicas shortly in here.

I though initially make short summary but after comprehensive master file made, decided to focus on priority subject

instead of moving here and there randomly.







This is Leica IIIc.

Together with well seasoned case, it attracts eyes when I go to photo session, even it compete with Canon + white barrel Zoom.

This is distinctive camera in model shooting…   LoL



650px 4M2R6207_-2.jpg





The set:

Leica IIIc, Summitar 50mm f2.0, Steinhail turrent finder (35, 80, 135mm frame)


650px 4M2R6206_.jpg






650px 4M2R6208_.jpg





Collapsible Summitar 50mm f2.0.

It is old classic lens which is coated with thick chrome (I mean lens barrel). Of course lens glass has coated but not all of them.

Early summitar produced before WW II, then lens coating was not available commerically. Lens coating was a secret technology for

German army. After WW II, summitar start to have coated lens elements. Nowadays, un-coated Summitar is rare and patch higher price…

Optical performance is next to Summicron with slight swirly bokeh which is more classical in performance…right? 



650px 4M2R6212_.jpg





Back side of screw Leica.

Most annoying fact for screw mount Leica is dim range finder. After many years out of factory, original silver coating of rotating mirror

inside rangefinder mechanism has weakened, and some cases seriously weakened. If it is average condition, shooting at outdoor will not

be a problem but indoor is different story……. 


650px 4M2R6213_.jpg






650px 4M2R6220_-2.jpg





Steinhail Turret finder

There is no real difference in between 85mm and 90mm in angle of view, hense both indicated together


650px 4M2R6221_.jpg






Summitar lens with barrel extended


650px 4M2R6222_.jpg





Summitar lens barrel collapsed


650px 4M2R6225_.jpg





Leica IIIc is a milestone of classic mechanical camera, I personly rate it as the most beautiful camera in 35mm ever produced.

If the brightness of rangefinder can be boosted, it will be the best in classic camera but as of now, very difficult to find bright one.


650px 4M2R6226_.jpg







IIIf is very popular model along with IIIc in Leica screw mount at the same time the most usable one. There are 2 versions respectively.

Black dial is early production, and later changed to Red dial, then finally Self Timer added in the couple of last batch production.

(STRD = self timer & red dial)


Compare to IIIc, film winding knob become more complex, some say more sophistcated but for me over engineered.

Flash synchro adjust ring is added around high speed dial which is enlarged from previous model. The numbers around synchro ring is

mystery for most of photographer in these days…. It is ‘delay time’ setting for various flash bulb in 1950s. Photographer in those days need to

know the delay time (from the bulb ignited to reach 80% of maximum brightness) to use IIIf properly.


Individual has different taste for design, but for me eyes, top plate of IIIf is over crowded and lost gentle and shic simplicity of IIIc…


650px R0018147_.jpg





Nevertheless, IIIf is better camera than IIIc if you intend to use, not just looking it on shelf.

IIIf is younger than IIIc obviously, so easier to find better bright range finder in the market.


650px R0018150_.jpg






In here, I attached Russian Jupitar-3 50mm f1.5.

Russian lens performance varies example to example, but if search a little bit, can get decent high performer,


650px R0018152_.jpg







650px R0018153_.jpg









This is attractive wanna-be Military Leica. It is never exist as so in real Leica world.

This is an (almost) artwork from Ukraine workshop, Yes, fake Leica.

I encountered many fake Leicas, (I used to spend weekends around camera flea market in Amsteldam, Eindhoven, Dusseldolf, Koln 

when working in Eindhoven couple of years) but this example is so well made, I mean feeling real precision work and lettering,

and ended at my hands many years. It has its own beauty and worth to deserve…


650px 4M2R5449_.jpg






650px 4M2R5450_.jpg




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