Leica IIIc in the movie, DAS BOOT




When I watch movies and find a camera, tend to look for what it is no matter what story is… It is not really good way to enjoy movies but it is a fun side kick, especially when old classic camera found, to see if it is good fit in the movies.


Here is old classic movie, Das Boot. Do you identify what does he hold on the German U-boat?

It is Leica IIIc. There were IIIa and IIIb around that period but they have separated top plate from body. Only IIIc, top plate and body seamlessly die-casted. It is not obvious in the photo, but clearly shown in the movie the top plate is mono.

Production of IIIc started from 1939, therefore historically correct when shown in the movie background in 1941.

As you know, there are 2 type of IIIc. One is produced during WW II which has film rewind lever on the step of the body and the other produced after WW II has rewind lever on plain top. In this movie, the camera was not closed-up enough to identify the type….Let’s just assume it is correct one !


The lens used in here is Summitar most likely. But it is really hard to distinguish from collapsible Summicron which produced some years after WW II. Only clue is Summitar has longer collapsible cylinder than Summicron. So it is not 100% sure but best guess, based on the scene he turn and collapse the lens in the movie (just 1-2 sec before the scene from below photo)



Summitar also was produced during the war, so historically no issue. Summitar during WW II was uncoated lens because lens coating was a secret & only available for German military optics during the war. But many of them returned to factory and coated after the war along with new coated Summitar production.


Yeap, nothing related with the movie itself, and there is no spoiler at all for this great movie. HH

Just for a little extra fun…    :- )







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