[Leica – mirrorless accessory] review ATTO round strap

I have been doing review,  ‘Leica accessory, 3 key pieces*’ and here like to add casual review for a strap.

(* A diopter, hand grip and optical finder are key sets in Leica M model)

The strap does not play key function like the those 3 key set, but it adds personality with ease of use.

Unlike camera body or lens that can be quantified with objective performance, accessories are all about the subjective feeling

and preference of users. Here I also review the strap from a subjective standpoint. Still I think it could be valuable since people

search the review to find out how others feel with the products. It’s not product catalog anyway … : -)

       Leica M3 + Atto strap


Selection of appropriate accessories for models

Any accessory requires good match with model, right? In here though, model does not mean brand name, ‘Canon’ or ‘Nikon’.

It is more like different category in volume and weight of the camera. For example mirrorless body vs DSLR … etc

If a thin fashionable strap attached to Canon 1Ds for example, it is not only unsettling but hurt neck or shoulders in long run.

On the other hand, when a thick strap attached to mirrorless camera, it is much uncomfortable and unfit to use it.

Here are 3 group of models we can split them into.

1) Flagship type DSLR, mostly vertical grip incorporated body.

    These are big, heavy and professional models. For this type, strap should be more functional than fashion. They requires

    thick and wide straps which provide handling performance, and a sense of stability. Overly heavy duty is not a problem 

    at all.


           The Kodak DCS 560, not only looks professional but described as so on the front (serious Kodak designer … haha)

           It is a massive equipment which requires military grade strap literally.


2) Normal DSLR without vertical grip.

    DSLRs without vertical grip are relatively small. Especially, APS-C sensor model has a lot smaller and lighter body

    than full frame sibling, hence fashionable straps fit well. There are plenty of such products as well in the market.


3) Leica – mirrorless type.

    It is a camera in flat and small contour. The largest one of this category is the Leica M, and the rest are mostly smaller

    and lighter than it. There are dedicated accessories for small sizes as shown here, ATTO round strap.




      A small & flat Leica looks better with thin fashionable strap.

ATTO strap bought from Amazon

       It is shipped in a neat box, and I found it is good to store the lens caps rolling around my room   : -)


     The strap wrapped inside the tube, two rubber pads, and a small tool that looks like a watch driver.


      It is a round type strap which should be not too thin or not too thick. If it is too thin, it will not fit comfortable on shoulder, or if too thick,

      it become clunky and stiff. I think the strap thickness selected carefully to match with Leica M and Sony A7 mirrorless series, it is just right!


Attach the strap 

Simple and easy. To attach the straps, first insert a rubber pad to prevent body scratching, use a screwdriver look alike tool to stretch

the strap’s ring, then insert it to body’s hook.


Especially I found the tool is very useful and delight to have. This type of ring is known as nail breaker, easy to break finger nails 

if try to hook them without such a tool. Because most of film era camera use the same type of the ring, this small tool is valuable addon

for any class camera mania I believe.

     One thing to watch out for this type of the starp is the end tip, the joint of the loop.

     The leather is firmly finished in conjunction tight sewing. If this area is not well cared, it will drop the camera eventually.


       Put the rubber pad first and connect the hooks.



     Attached to Leica M3.


This M3 is an early version, has so called ‘Budda’s ear’ strap hook. Since the rubber pad can be elongated, it is still possible

to insert with force, but I decided not to do so because I mainly use M8, not M3 in these days.

Other than early version, regular production M3 has normal type strap hook, so no problem in joining rubber pads.

How good fit it is?

The Leica M8 and M3 are small but not lightweight camera. The ATTO strap is acutally very comfortable to use and well fit to body.

Again, I guess the thickness and stiffness of the strap carefully examined and selected for Leica M. It will be cozier for lighter model

like Sony, fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung… etc


But it would not be appropriate for the camera heavier than the Leica M.

The strap looks too thin for glamorous DSLRs.



     Leica M8 + Summitar 5cm f2.0



Amazon price is $ 29.99 !!!  (including shipping, Wow)

It is an item that looks great on small bodies and very cheap compare to its decent quality.

Definitely worth to try   : -)

    Long strap (120cm) : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6PFOI8

    Short strap (90cm) : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MZ6BF29

Consideration before jump to Amazon

The round type strap is not adjustable in length, so should choose the length that suits you before buy.

There are two kinds, the long one is 120cm and the short one is 90cm. Long one is suitable for an adult male.

The length is appropriate to the shoulder hanging and slightly short when attached with cross way, but not much inconvenience

(for reference, my height is 175cm).

I did not try the short one, but I think it is good for a woman, and anyone who like a small camera with a short string.

Probably it is better in short string than stretching long for Leica or mirrorless type camera …

Currently only black one is available. Although the black color is for any camera, I wish have a red or blue color option.

Overall this is a cool strap that gives a nice fit, quality in affordable price.




     – Durable joints finished in black leather

     – Comfortable fit with a little elasticity and volume

 – Drive alike tool making easy to open rings

 – Affordable prices !!!


 – One color yet (black)

 – It does not fit the DSLR type …



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