[Lightroom / preset] BW for Canon DSLR raw file


I have used multiple Canon tools, starting from Canon 5D, then 1Ds Mk2, 1D Mk2 and 5D Mk2.

I do not have Canon any longer because 2 different directions I choose to move forward. For lightweight and easy handling camera,

I use mirrorless camera like Ricoh GXR-M. For heavy duty and high end, I use digital back / medium format camera like Leaf, Phase One

 and Hasselblad. Nevertheless Canon is mighty performer for most of photographers and delivers good results consistently.


Contrast of Canon Raw is a bit strong, so I do not need to adjust curve like Ricoh GXR which requires pretty big adjustment.

Color mix for BW shifted to Orange, Yellow side since I have an assumption, the preset would be a Portrait oriented. Then I add slight

vignetting and grains.


Sometimes I bothered with strong contrast of Canon in color, but feel pretty good with it in BW conversion. 

I think BW requires higher contrast than color to avoid dull mood. In that sense, Canon is more suitable to BW…





  • CT = coffee tone which is slight toning
  • fine10 = grain level 10
  • Vig20 = Vignetting set to -20

 BW with Preset

Original photo



1Ds Mk2









5D mk2








 1Ds Mk2








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