Make 2019 Calendar with YOUR photo #Calender_2019

Hi, Opeanut members.

We have done it 2 years ago with 12 members participation. Let’s do it again in this year. Having calendar with your photo is super cool display & promote your works to others.  Here’s summary & how to:

1) 2019 Calendar with YOUR photo (collaboration with 3 to 6 group members)

  • Group together 3, 4 or 6 members who want to join 2019 Calendar project.
  • Submit 4, 3 or 2 photo (to make 12 photo)
  • Select 1 title photo among members (total 13 photo for a calendar)
  • Edit, Print & Shipping will be handled by supporters* in Opeanut group

   How to gather members?

  • Add comment at Facebook announcement with hashtag ‘#Calendar_2019’ if you want to join
  • Indicate categories you are interested (example at bottom, multiple choice)
  • If you don’t find interesting category, you can propose your own idea to members
  • Based on number of participation (min 3), some categories will GO & some will NOT

2) 2019 Calendar with MY photo, what?

  • Select 13 photo for yourself & by yourself. This is personal project you have full control. Good for your work promotion, or sharing family photos among intimate relationships
  • I recommend you search local printing company to avoid international shipping.
  • But if you still want to outsource Edit, Print & Shipping to Opeanut supporters*, comment your plan & requirement in FaceBook announcement.

   Size & Price

  • A4 size, desktop style : 15 USD per unit, 3 units in minimum order (45 USD)
  • A3 size, wall paper type : 27 USD per unit, 2 units in minimum order (54 USD)

   Opeanut supporters

  • Editing & printing by ‘AZIT Gallery’ : an Opeanut member, Prof HanMo Yang
  • International shipping by IBIZ company : an Opeanut member, Hee Do Kim

   Timeline (rough, to be refined)

  • Sep : Announcement, collecting members based on categories. Submit low resolution files
  • Oct early : Draft layout.  Submit full resolution files for printing
  • Oct late : Printing
  • Nov early: Ship to members
  • Nov late : Project wrap up & after care

   Categories (multiple choices, comment after hashtag)

  • Landscape
  • City & street
  • Travel related photo, your epic travel location shot
  • Unusual & rare lenses calendar
    • Do you have Trioplan, Helios-40, Canon 50/0.95, Hektor 73/1.9… or any rare optics? How about calendar with lens photo & output of the lens?
  • Classic cameras calendar
    • For example, Leica IIIf, Contax IIa, Retina, Promient, Hassy 50… for equipment-mania
  • General random works, each member submit whatever he/she wants
  • Any other suggestion???

2017 references

2017 Calender plan finished and sent for print work

Here we go…. 2017 OPEANUT Calender is ready to print




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  1. Leo_KHIMME Post author

    Post your comment in Facebook Opeanut (not in here), for example

    #Calendar_2019, interested in Landscape, Classic Camera & Random…

    Something like this :- )

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