Meyer-Optik Goerlitz : Exceptional manual lenses from Germany >> May be not so exceptional (11, Jun)

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Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz began producing lenses in 1896 (nearly 120 years old). It went through rough history, especially after WW II fall into East Germany area where most of optical company disolved into non-existance. Then, years later, 2014 the name reappeared by Globell Deutschland offering 5 new lenses.

As the name implies, it is global sourced ‘Made in Germany’. Thus you can identify without mistake which one is Helios-40 and which one is Mitake 50/0.95. Still I am very glad to see this old optic house come back to here, as Voiglander did and made success, and hope them success in photography lens business with exceptional kind of offering. We’ll see….

1) 35mm f2.0 Figmentum

2) 35mm f0.95 Nocturnus

3) 50mm f0.95 Nocturnus : I suspect it is Mitake 50mm f0.95 from China. Will check lens design to confirm.

4) 85mm f2.0 Figmentum

5) 85mm f1.5 Somnium : It is obviously Helios-40 from Russia. Don’t need to double-check since they are identical in external apprearance, and Helios-40 is one of kind, real unique shape (look like warhead of RPG-7 without fuse) in lens world

6) 100mm f2.8 Trioplan – first appeared in 1916, not sure when the production seized finally but will be revived in this year 2015. This is truely Meyer-Optik design and production. This lens sought after as Bokeh monster by photographer, especially from when Digital Camera evolution started. Chasing Bokeh is one distinctive habit for digital photographer who are able to enlarge 100% on location & scroll through hundreds of out-focused pictures with large screen.



11, Jun

I searched for ZYOptics 50mm f0.95 and found the whole family is there. Yes, not only 50mm f0.95 but 35mm f2.0, 35mm f0.95, 85mm f2.0 are located side by side in there.


It describes 35mm f0.95 is for APS-C platform. If the case, 35/0.95 is (most likely) the scale down version of 50/0.95. Scale-down of lens is literally scale down a certain lens design to make focal length shorter. As consequence, image circle also become smaller as proportion of focal length reduction…

‘Globell Deutchland company’, the name explains itself. They import parts and sub-assembly from global market (in this case, China & Russia) and inscribe the origin as ‘made in Germany’. At least I can say German are honest. They open what they are doing in their name…right?  

I believe simple ‘import & assemble’ is not enough to beautify the origin as Germany. I expect DIN (German Industrial Standard) defines the criteria and method to be allowed as ‘made in Germany’ in details. ‘Made in Germany’ is bold message for any ‘optics’, including photographic lens. We’ll see the real result of this marketing strategy soon.

I am not sure New Triplan will impact positively (getting higher) to old used Trioplan or negatively (lower down). If this experiment is turned out sucess, they will do it again for next beloved lens, Primoplan I bet. Anyway, it may be a good timing to consider Trioplan and/or Primoplan from Ebay now…..


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