Mitakon 50mm f0.95 shots today









I went out noon time to take pictures

I know it is the worst timing for photography, but I am amatuer…whatever curiousity I don’t need to wait perfect time.

I received the lens at the middle of week, so wait this Saturday so long. Why wait late afternoon no matter how good the light is?


I expected it but harsh light & extreme temperature were so servere….



Wide open, f0.95 is tricky, really.

I tried to make focus on right side of lantana, but yellow buds out of focused abruptly so overall picutre looks out of focused.











Bling..bling… soft and grow rendition. That’s f0.95, right?




















Shot at closest distance, 50cm at wide open.

Only 1 petal got focused.










If not under direct sun light, Mitakon 50mm f0.95 shows excellent picture quality.

It may not sharp as Summicron, of course, but Summicron would not open to 0.95 any way.
















Depth of field, f0.95











Color rendition.







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