Mitakon 50mm f0.95 vs Canon 50mm f0.95 comparison in short

I was not able to compare them in the exact same condition because I left the adapter while going to the test shooting. But I would like to make a simple comparison at this point since both were used extensively recently.

Mitakon 50mm f0.95

This is the lens with modern design and multi-coating & delivers clean and clear image. It has a flat focal plane without any sign of field curvature, so focuses well from body to the toe compared to the Canon.

Canon 50mm at 0.95 aperture is focused only on the center, so the bottom of the picture is blurred seriously. 

The image quality of the Mitakon is a bit disappointing because of lacking ‘bite look’ or ‘tack sharp point’ at center area. But considering the f0.95 aperture and the price of the lens, I can not complain….


Canon 50mm f0.95

This is a typical 60’s spherical lens with glow around highlights. It is just amazing how they created such a lens at the time without having multi-coating or computer design. At maximum opening, it renders sharp image only at center area. It seems like old portrait optics in that sense. Because of this distinctive characteristics, it also gives a uniqueness on the image that can not be seen on other modern lenses.

The picture quality in the center is quite high, even higher than the Mitakon lens. But Mitakon looks sharper overall because it focuses evenly on the whole picture.




It is not noticeable with above pictures, but the background blur is more rough on the Canon lens. Blurred image is thicker and the line is often doubled. This phenomenon is distracting when background is relatively less blurred (e.g. full body model shot) but become attractive like ‘brush touch’ when it is more blurred (e.g. half body model shot)

The color from Canon is muted as typical single-coating lens.

Two photo above are not taken at the same day & time, so it can’t be a 1: 1 comparison, but still represent general color skim of 2 lenses because both are developed with the same preset in LR. 



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