Must GO places in Taipei area


#1  Pingxi     (1 day trip)


Yes, TOP-1 is Pingxi.

I’ve been there several times and always impressed. High light is ‘Lantern’, of course, and there are several places to stroll,

e.g. Shifen water fall, old streets, railway through town. Best timing for Lantern starts 1-2 hours before sunset to dark.

It is not only photogenic but exciting moment to launch fire lanterns to sky when getting darker.


Be prepared patient though. Pingxi is the place, way far over-crowded in weekend.

Actually ‘over-crowded’ is a part of fun in Pingxi travel I think enriching memomy of this unique place in Taiwan.

Worth to be patient.









Here is my Pingxi travel story..

I didn’t make it in English (yet) but mainly PHOTOs telling the story.







#2 Beitou hot springs area   (half day trip or 1 night at Beitou)


Close to Taipei city, Beitou is an area condensed with hot springs.

Hotels and B&B are readily available but booking might be difficult due to tourist.

Access to there is easy and convenient via MRT (subway) from Taipei city, so half day trip plan also good enough.












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