Name pad of camera strap, making your own personality and brand

I’ve got interested instantly when I heard ‘Seng-Kachi’ who is one of OPEANUT member making camera strap ‘Name Pad’. It is hand made with leather that can be printed on your name, logo and a brand while it is a shoulder strap pad for camera. Oh…ho….

Why is the camera manufacturer’s name on the strap?

Bundle strap has mostly its brand name like Canon, Nikon, Sony … etc. Large character and logo are printed distinctively visible. Those strap are smart propaganda tools for the companies, and important accessory that fulfill loyal user’s satisfaction. Of course, some user do not care about what they say on the strap, but some users carry it with their own pride (as delight of marketing department….)

A person who prefers and follows a certain brand is called Brand Loyal. There is no difference in the West or East, in fact.  At a moderate level, preferring and following a particular brand is a fun part of hobby. However, if overdo it, you will reach the stage of ego and brand inter-winded seriously…well….

If so, why not have your own brand …

I’ve been stick with the name, Kodak so long in film era, then went to digital era with Kodak brand, DCS 560. Soon I moved to Canon brand for the full-frame and the fun of crossbreeding lenses. Then jump to Sony Mirrorless A7 II when it came out. Now I like A7 II so much, because it takes all of optical glasses since 19C including whisky bottle like glass, mechanical sensor shift to reduce vibration working for all the optics ever produced. So much like the camera but never the loyal for Sony brand after their Trinitron tube, I have no hesitation dumping the brand name from my strap.



/* No matter charter or graphic, as long as it is JPG it will work for printing */




How to make

I simply opened Microsoft PPT, typed the text in two lines, set the font and size and saved it as JPG. If you use only letters, you can work with PPT without any bottleneck. If you want to use logos or graphics though, you may use Photoshop for easier handling.

Because it is laser printing on leather, it can print only black and white image, but print any form or shape no matter it is letters or pictures.

If you are a professional photographer, like studio or wedding photographer, you can add your own logo, business name and homepage address. If you are amateur who is full of ambition, you might want to make yourself as a brand. Or… just for a fun, it is better than carrying the name of the camera maker all the time.

‘Seng-Kachi’ Pad

I don’t think there is a formal trademark of this pad yet. I will call it Seng-Kachi pad or simply SK pad in here.

A couple of days after ordering, two SK pads arrived. Bigger is for DSLR and smaller for Mirrorless cameras. The pad is tailored to the DSLR and Mirrorless bundle strap sizes.


The base is dark brown leather and name tag attached and printed neatly on top of it. The name tag is fixed with a rivet, but it may be finished by sewing if wanted according to the Seng-Kachi. The side of the leather piece is not polished much, in rough condition. I prefer it actually because it looks more one-of-kind hand made item, rather than well polished mass-produced stuff.

How to connect the name pad

It does not necessary to explain how to connect the strap, right? The grooves of the pads are in a diagonal line, nice & smart touch, so that a slightly larger strap can be inserted without difficulty. The pad is robust but not rigid, it will bend easily if pushed both side to accommodate strap insertion.

Sorry SONY, it’s time to hide….

Like this….

/ * In fact, the Sony strap has a logo on both ends as well as the central part which covered with the pad. If you use it as it is, you will be putting your name together with the Sony logo. It is not bad idea I think….  but for my own taste, I’ll get another strap that does not have a company logo */

Looks good on black stealth, M9P too

SWCs are better suited for wide DSLR type pad. But now the strap attached the SWC is not a Hasselblad genuine but a thick rubbery strap. So this combination will not work. The SK pad needs bundle or the similar kind of strap.

There is a lot of DSLR size straps on the market, so I will choose one and show it next posting. Whole idea of the name pad is focusing on you, instead of camera seller or something else. In that sense, I might get very simple & single color strap to avoid distraction from name pad…

Must-have item for commercial photographers, marketing tool

I’ve never delighted with camera named strap, which transform me as a picket man. So delighted when I heard ‘Seng-Kachi’ is making the pads for himself. Can’t wait his official release, I ordered pilot product as soon as it is available. For any commercial photographer who needs marketing his or her name, it is not only help but must have, I think.

Pricing is $ 34 USD for Mirrorless type and $ 39 USD for DLSR type. There are 4-5 more products in pilot run according to Seng-Kachi, please contact him directly by email if interested. Official product will be released in Amazon and expected to be in the $ 45- $ 50 price range.

Email of Seng-Kachi :


Well, among camera equipment, strap is the only item user can add his or her own personality whatever it is. SK Name Pad is simple & awesome product in that sense, indeed     🙂


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