New release from Sony, A7R II (mark 2) and A9R (update #2 –>Sorry but I found seller might be FAKE): see details how…


How it started?


I actually prefer old classic camera, not only film but digital, e,g, Kodak DCS 460, 560 or old affordable digital backs like Leaf Valeo, Aptus, Phase One.

But there is an exception, Sony mirrorless system. I communicated with a warehouse in Japan yesterday and confirmed ‘Sony A7R II’ to be released

very soon and they already placed pre-order to Sony.


The reason why I am interested with Sony is the article ‘Affordable digital back system’ written on last year.

At that time, Sony released 33mm X 44mm CMOS sensor (50 MB) and supplied to Hasselblad and Phase One for their digital back.

Then a rumor raised that Sony will produce their own medium format digital camera with that sensor (!) similar like overgrown A7 shape.


Well, it’s big news and suprise. As you know, most of digital backs have used SLR type medium format camera, which are big, bulky and heavy.

If ‘fat & big A7’ really accomodated 33 X 44 CMOS sensor, it would be a choice for many photographers, especiall who’s working in field.

And I also am interested to make it ubiqutous tooling to attach many different platform. WoW…..


Following up rumor came with more stories, not only Sony but Mamiya also will produce 33 X 44 range finder type camera which is resembled

their old Mamiya 7. But then suddenly become silent, nothing raised about this sensor and camera….

May be Sony continue working on the project but now all are talking about A7 II which released with 5 axis stablizer & expecting A7R II mark 2.




SONY A7 II and rumor of A7R II


After a little bit tired waiting Sony digital back, I start to pay attention to A7 series. Regarding A7R II, some say it has 56MB sensor

and some say 36MB which is the same sensor used on A7R. That’s why I communicate with a warehouse which is distribution company

for many Japanese electronics company. Including Sony… you know, Sony was a major electronics company not camrea, so they still

carry all kinds of Sony products.





Here’s details, spec and more….


  • Same A7R 36 megapixel sensor
    Improved high ISO
    Faster autofocusing
    5 axis stabilization
    A7II alike body size
    Silent shutter mode


Not much different from the rumor, except pixel size 56MB someone might wait.

(By the way, I can not figure out why people want so many pixels. I believe less than 0.01% of people actually use that big size pixel entirely)


But at the end of the communication I found more interesting information. Here’s Sony’s plan in 2015 release.



Sony A7R II
Sony a9
Sony A9R

Sony a99 II
Sony a59
Sony a3100




Yes, there is A9 and A9R (!).

Even though I have no detail about A9R, I can imagine it will have bigger pixel which sough after by some people (many?) without obvious reason (haha).



For me A7R II is absolutely fine, except 1.


 – I need stabilization for my old classic optics,

 – 36 MB is far beyond of my usage, so I don’t ask larger file size.


1 reason I am not fine with A7R II 

  – I don’t like the shape, since I prefer RF style with separate view finder & adjustable angle.


I am considering bulk order to the warehouse (they don’t accept 1 or 2 unit, they are distributor to camera shop)

and asking MOQ (minimum order quantity). If MOQ is something I can handle, I like to place an order.


Maybe I need to find out more information on A9R and wait…..

But waiting better & newer equipment is not always good idea. Who knows Sony will hit the road with A9R II soon after A9R?





Update #1



I request information regarding A9 and A9R and get feedback as below.

To be honest, I wonder why there are 46MB and 50MB, 2 different sensors, which differs only 4MB size. Or type error???

Anyway, I can verify how reliable & trust worthy the information source at the moment of truth, couple of days later. We’ll see….



Sony A9 Specification:


– 46 Megapixel Bayer sensor
– 4 fps
– 100-25,600 ISO (extended 50 and 51,200)
– weather sealed body
– 4K output (no internal 4K recording)

Sony A9R Specification:

– Worlds fastest autofocus in normal light conditions
– 50MP FF sensor
– weather sealed body
– 4K output (no internal 4K recording)




Update #2


Since I seriously consider bulk order, I review the information from Alibaba carefully. (I contact one of Alibaba supplier)

But suddenly I realize the company email address is slightly different from Web and Alibaba.

This is email address from Alibaba supplier


And this is email address from Company’s web site 


It looks similar at a glance, but not the same if you review carefully. See what’s difference.

According to Alibaba, the company is verified and authentified, as indicated with V mark below





Internet Web site indicate them as hydrauric valve supplier, not a camera distributor…



Conclusion: Even with Alibaba’s confirmation, FAKE seller still wok out to steal the monry from people.

(1) Double-check company information at Web

(2) Ask to seller whether hand-pick allowed (by you or agent) and pay money when pick them up.

      Fake seller never accept this kind of business.





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